SEB'11 Invited Sessions

Session CodeTitleCall for PapersChairAffiliationContact Email
IS02People Tracking and Activity Recognition within Intelligent Buildings CFP Dr Catalina SpataruUniversity College London, Energy Institute
IS03Solar Energy CFP Dr. Mahieddine EmzianeMasdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
IS04Assessment and Monitoring The Environmental Performance of Buildings CFP Dr John R LittlewoodUniversity of Wales Institute Cardiff, Wales, UK
IS05Microgrids with Hybrid Energy Systems and Control Systems CFP Prof Fernando Tadeo and Prof Nacer K M’SirdiUniversity of Valadolid, Spain and Laboratoire des Sciences del’Information et des Systèmes (LSIS), Marseille, Franc
IS06Biomass and Waste to Energy CFP Professeur Abdeslam-Hassen MeniaiLaboratoire de l’ingénierie des procédés de l’environnement, Université Mentouri Constantine, Algeria
IS07Sustainability Lessons Learnt from Traditional Buildings CFP ¹Arch. Ahadollah Azami and ²Dr. Shahryar Shaghaghi¹Department of Architecture, Jolfa International Branch, Islamic Azad University, Jolfa, Iran & ²Department of Architecture, Shabestar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar, Iran ¹, ²

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